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Griffen Law Firm began its humble beginnings on October 5, 2015 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The firm was founded by Attorney Katrina Griffen with the specific purpose of helping others in need, as it is so important to have a lawyer one can trust. However, this was not an easy start. With little start-up funds, Griffen Law Firm opened its first office as a virtual office and practiced “Door Law”— which meant we took any case that walked through the door. Attorney Griffen did not have an assistant; she was the secretary, paralegal, and attorney. 


Although Griffen Law Firm didn’t start with much money, it started with immeasurable character. You can never separate the personality of a business owner from the culture of the business. Who that person is, genuinely, will permeate throughout the business’ atmosphere. So, Attorney Griffen developed the Core Values of Griffen Law Firm from her personal core values that serve as the foundation of every action embodied by this firm.


In May 2022, Attorney Griffen purchased two office suites, with eight offices to accommodate Griffen Law Firm's rapid expansion. 

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Attorney Griffen was recently admitted to the Texas Bar, expanding Griffen Law Firm's reach. We are now accepting new personal injury and business law clients from Texas.

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